Perplexity Integrates Cutting-Edge Claude-2 into AI Assistant for Pro Users [2023]

Perplexity, a leading AI content creation platform, has partnered with AI research company Anthropic to integrate their new conversational Claude-2 model into the Assistant for Pro users. This provides professional writers and marketers exclusive early access to one of the most advanced AI systems for generating marketing copy and other business content.

Introduction to Perplexity’s AI Assistant

Perplexity offers an AI Assistant tool that allows anyone to generate optimized content simply by describing what they need. The Assistant provides a suite of AI models to help with various content tasks like:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Website copy
  • Email newsletters
  • Marketing collateral
  • White papers
  • Advertisements
  • Video scripts

For Pro users, Perplexity curates access to exclusive state-of-the-art AI systems in addition to its core models. The Assistant combines the outputs into polished drafts optimized for the end goal.

Key benefits of Perplexity’s AI Assistant include:

  • SEO-focused content creation
  • Customization for brand voice
  • Collaboration features
  • Productivity analytics
  • Secure cloud access

The addition of Claude-2 provides Pro subscribers access to one of the most advanced AI models available today to enhance business content creation.

Overview of Claude-2 Capabilities

Claude-2 represents the latest AI system created by Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded by former OpenAI and Google researchers. It builds on Anthropic’s open-source Constitutional AI framework.

Key capabilities of Claude-2 include:

  • Retains conversational context and learnings
  • More advanced common sense reasoning
  • Avoids biased, unethical or misleading information
  • Refuses inappropriate or dangerous requests
  • More natural dialogue based on human patterns
  • Continually improves through corrections

Claude-2 aims to address key limitations of previous AI conversational models like ChatGPT. It represents the leading edge of safe, responsible AI system design today.

Why Claude-2 is a Game-Changer for Content Creation

Integrating Claude-2 into its Pro tier offering positions the Perplexity Assistant at the forefront of ethical AI content creation. Here are some of the key advantages Claude-2 unlocks for productivity and quality:

Mitigates Harmful AI Risks

With many basic AI models, harmful instructions can lead to generating dangerous advice, fake news or toxic viewpoints. Claude-2 was engineered to avoid this by refusing unethical requests.

Retains Brand and Contextual Knowledge

Most AI today treats each prompt independently with no memory. In contrast, Claude-2 retains information to adapt to different author styles and topics to maintain brand consistency.

Expert Common Sense Reasoning

Claude-2 exhibits superior reasoning ability compared to previous models for analyzing complex scenarios and weighing nuanced perspectives.

Scales Custom Content Faster

Marketers can produce customized, on-brand content across channels at 10X+ speed compared to manual creation without sacrificing uniqueness or relevance.

Iteratively Improves from Feedback

Unlike most AI only trained on static datasets, Claude-2 learns dynamically through corrections and edits to continually enhance its capabilities.

How Perplexity Curates the Best AI Models

Perplexity doesn’t just add every new AI system to its platform. The team carefully evaluates models on multiple criteria to determine inclusion:

  • Output Quality: Does the model produce coherent, high-quality content free of errors, repetition or nonsense?
  • Business Applicability: Will the model’s capabilities add value for common business use cases like marketing copy and technical documentation?
  • Ethics and Security: Does the model meet standards for responsible AI without exhibiting harmful biases or enabling misuse?
  • Legal Compliance: Does the model comply with all platform policies and applicable regulations for industries like financial services and healthcare?
  • Demand: Is the model desired and requested by existing customers to address unmet needs?

This rigorous vetting ensures only beneficial AI models meeting the highest standards get added to the Perplexity platform. Claude-2 exceeded all thresholds across key evaluation metrics.

Onboarding Claude-2 Responsibly

Given the powerful capabilities Claude-2 represents, Perplexity will roll out access gradually to Pro users to encourage responsible adoption. Here is the planned onboarding process:

  • Early access granted to select accounts for feedback
  • Publishing best practices for productive and ethical usage
  • Gradually expanding availability as Anthropic allows greater scale
  • Monitoring all outputs to further train safety practices
  • Ongoing tuning based on user feedback to improve value

With thoughtful controls as uptake grows, integrating Claude-2 can become a turnkey solution for businesses to tap into state-of-the-art AI and elevate content strategies.

Realizing the Promise of AI Content Creation

Claude-2 sits at the leading edge of conversational AI, demonstrating rapid progress in effectively mimicking human reasoning and language. Integrating such models into the Perplexity platform unlocks massive potential to reinvent content creation workflows.

But fully realizing that promise requires a measured approach. Thoughtful human oversight and governance of even the most advanced AI systems remain imperative. Perplexity enables any business to tap into the possibilities of AI as a collaborative tool rather than as a blind automation solution.

As models evolve, striking the right balance between algorithmic scale and human creativity will maximize the productivity unlocked by AI while minimizing risks. With Claude-2, Perplexity is pioneering the future of how businesses leverage AI content assistants.

Frequently Asked QUESTION(FAQs)

What is the pricing to access Claude-2 on Perplexity?

Claude-2 is currently only available for Perplexity’s Pro plan, starting at $59/month. Availability is still limited.

Is training required to use Claude-2 effectively?

Perplexity provides resources on prompts crafting best practices. But no technical skills are required. The platform is designed for anyone to benefit from advanced models like Claude-2.

What compliance does Claude-2 have for regulated industries?

Perplexity vets its models thoroughly, but customers should still validate output meets their specific compliance needs.

Can I request access to Claude-2 on Perplexity now?

Early access is by invitation only based on account history. Perplexity will open access to more Pro users over time. You can express interest on the waitlist.

How does Perplexity prevent misuse of powerful models like Claude-2?

Strict monitoring, staged rollout, prompt engineering guidelines, and Claude’s inherent safety capabilities allow providing access while discouraging misuse.


The integration of Claude-2 represents an exciting advancement for Perplexity in providing Pro users exclusive access to cutting-edge AI. Responsible model curation and thoughtful controls during onboarding can enable businesses to harness Claude’s potential to achieve unprecedented productivity and quality in content creation. With ongoing oversight and tuning, Claude-2 may usher in a new era of AI as an optimized assistant rather than as an unchecked automation solution. As models continue to mature, maintaining high ethical standards and complementary collaboration between algorithmic and human creativity will be imperative. Perplexity sits at the forefront of pioneering those hybrid workflows to maximize enterprise value from safe and trusted AI.

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