How to Use GPT-4 and Claude for Free: 13 Easy Ways [2023]

GPT-4 and Claude are two of the most advanced AI chatbots available today. Their sophisticated conversational abilities can seem almost human. However, access usually requires expensive subscriptions or limited free trials. Here are 13 clever tips to use GPT-4 and Claude completely free.

1. Look for Free Trials of Claude and GPT-4

Both Anthropic and Anthropic periodically offer free trials of Claude and GPT-4. Keep an eye out for trial offers and sign up to get temporary access without payment. Trials typically last 1-2 weeks. Make the most of this short window!

2. Join a Waitlist

Getting on waitlists for Claude and GPT-4 beta programs is a possible path to future free access. Spots are limited but joining may pay off eventually if you get selected. Check their websites for waitlist signups.

3. Enter Contests and Giveaways

The companies themselves, as well as tech blogs and AI enthusiasts, sometimes run contests and giveaways for free credits/access. Enter any related giveaway you find to try your luck at scoring free use.

4. Look for Scholarships

Since these tools are useful for students, there are occasional scholarships offered, especially for underrepresented groups in tech. Search “[product name] scholarship” and see if there are any applications open.

5. Attend Relevant Events

Tech conferences and AI-focused events sometimes hand out trials or free credits for new technologies like Claude and GPT-4. Attend any nearby events that seem applicable.

6. Become a Tester

The developers sometimes recruit testers to try new features and train the AI. If you have relevant skills, reach out and offer your expertise in exchange for free access.

7. Develop a Related App

If you can build an integration or complementary app for the chatbots, you may be able to negotiate access in order to develop and test your software. Offer to credit them as well.

8. Volunteer for Research Studies

Scientists may offer temporary free access in exchange for participating in user studies and surveys. Search online for any ongoing research on conversational AI.

9. Explain Your Situation

Write directly to customer support explaining your situation and need. If you’re polite and make a compelling case, they may grant limited free access.

10. Use Preview Versions

Preview and “Playground” versions offer basic free access with limitations. It’s not full capabilities, but allows trial use without payment.

11. Follow Fan Accounts

Twitter and Reddit fan accounts sometimes hold contests or share credit codes. Follow channels closely for any freebies.

12. Ask Friends or Family

If you know someone with paid access, politely ask if they’d mind letting you try short conversations. Offer to return the favor someday.

13. Explore Alternatives

While not as advanced, some free alternatives exist like Anthropic’s Claude Lite and AI Dungeon. Fine-tune queries carefully to get the most out of limited capabilities.

With persistence and creativity, it is possible to gain temporary free access to GPT-4 and Claude. Look for trials, enter contests, develop integrations, and utilize preview versions. Follow fan sites closely for giveaways and codes. With the right techniques, you can chat with these cutting-edge AI without spending a dime!

Frequently Asked QUESTION(FAQs)

Are there any permanent free options for GPT-4 or Claude?

No, all free access is temporary, limited and conditional. You will eventually need to pay for full capabilities.

What are the risks of accessing them for free?

There are likely usage limits, feature restrictions and less priority support. Be cautious of any free offers that seem sketchy or illegal.

What are the best free alternatives?

Claude Lite and AI Dungeon offer limited conversational ability for free. They can help you get a feel for chatbot interactions.

Can I get in legal trouble for accessing them for free?

As long as you utilize legitimate means like trials and contests, you should be fine. But hacking, piracy or license misuse could carry legal risks.

How much does paid access usually cost?

Prices vary based on capabilities. But expect at least $20-50 per month for basic access, or more for priority requests and advanced features.

What is the best way to save money?

Make the most of any temporary free trials and hold out for special offers and discounts. Split costs with friends to maximize value.

Can I use GPT-4 or Claude anonymously?

Full access requires an account with identifying details. Limited free options may allow more anonymity but with less capabilities.

Are my conversations private if I don’t pay?

You likely forfeit privacy rights and data protections when using free services. Assume your data may be utilized or sold.

Is the free functionality still useful and enjoyable?

Free trials and limited versions can still offer entertainment and usefulness. But manage expectations compared to full paid versions

With the right approach, budget-conscious users can still explore these AI marvels on a limited basis for free. But eventually costs will apply to unlock their full potential.


GPT-4 and Claude represent groundbreaking advancements in conversational AI, but their sophisticated capabilities come at a price. While permanent free access is unlikely anytime soon, there are creative ways to explore these chatbots without paying. Keep seeking out trials, contests, scholarships, betas, previews and alternatives. With the right timing and techniques, even budget-conscious users can get a glimpse of the future of AI.

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