How to play Palworld in VR [2024]

How to play Palworld in VR 2024.Palworld is an upcoming life simulation video game developed by Pocket Pair and published by Tencent Games. It is scheduled for release in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows.

The game allows players to explore and manipulate a world inhabited by curious creatures called “Pals”. Players can befriend, kill, eat, or exploit Pals to earn money. The open world design gives players freedom in how they choose to play.

Virtual reality (VR) technology allows users to experience immersive simulated environments through headsets and accessories. As VR technology continues advancing, more games are becoming VR compatible or getting dedicated VR versions.

Playing Palworld in VR could provide an even more immersive experience, allowing players to truly feel present in the cartoonish Palworld. As of early 2024, official VR support has not been announced for Palworld, but there may be unofficial methods to play in VR.

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Checking if Your PC is VR Ready

Before setting up Palworld for VR, you need to make sure your gaming PC is capable of running both the game and VR software. Here are the key components to check:

Graphics Card

A powerful graphics card is required, such as an Nvidia RTX 2070 or AMD Radeon RX 5700 or better. The card must have the video outputs needed to connect your VR headset.


A fast multi-core processor, like an Intel i7 9700K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X. The CPU impacts VR performance and needs to be up to the task.


16GB of RAM or higher is recommended. Memory significantly affects VR gaming performance, so more is better.

Windows Version

You need Windows 10 or Windows 11 to properly run VR headsets and platforms. Make sure your Windows OS is up to date.

Open PCIe Slots

There need to be open PCIe slots to install VR headset connection cables if your graphics card only has one HDMI port.

As long as your PC meets or exceeds these VR requirements, it should handle Palworld VR.

Choosing a VR Headset

The main consumer VR headsets to choose from include the Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, HTC Vive Pro 2, and HP Reverb G2. High-end options provide better comfort, visuals and tracking but are more expensive. The Oculus Quest 2 offers excellent quality for the price. Key things to consider when selecting a VR headset:

Resolution and Lenses

Higher resolution means clearer image quality. Lens quality also impacts visuals. The Valve Index and HP Reverb G2 lead for resolution.

Tracking Accuracy

Precision tracking allows for responsive, natural feeling movement. The Valve Index has best-in-class tracking.


VR controllers should feel ergonomic in your hands and responsive. Index and Quest 2 controllers both offer great control.

Room Scale and Sensors

Headsets like the Vive Pro 2 support large room scale VR with set up sensors while others rely more on inside-out tracking.


VR headsets range from around $300 to over $1000. Choose one that fits your budget but has the features you need.

For Palworld specifically, the most recommended headsets are the Valve Index, Vive Pro 2 or Oculus Quest 2.

How to Get Palworld Working in VR

Now that you have a capable gaming PC and VR headset, here are methods for playing Palworld in virtual reality when it releases:

Use VorpX VR Injection Software

VorpX is a third party program that takes traditional non-VR games and adapts them to work properly with headsets. It does this by hijacking and re-rendering the game stereoscopically for VR. VorpX needs to specifically add Palworld support for this method to work well.

Wait for Potential Official VR Support

There is always the possibility Palworld’s developers add official VR support post-launch, like No Man’s Sky did. While waiting carries no guarantees, official implementation often provides the best optimization and immersion.

Use Planned Mod Tools in Palworld

Palworld’s developer Pocket Pair has stated modding support is planned post-release. Talented community modders may add quality VR functionality via these mod tools. If you don’t mind tinkering with mods, this option has potential.

Employ Unreal Engine VR Templates

If Palworld does not get official VR support, some dedicated programmers may be able to hack basic VR features through Unreal Engine templates and development toolkits designed to work with VR headsets in the Unreal environment. Results could vary in playability.

Trying multiple approaches might be required to get smooth VR functionality in Palworld. Be prepared to patiently tinker with some trial and error.

Gameplay Benefits of Palworld in Virtual Reality

Exploring the zany world of Palworld through the immersive lens of VR could enhance certain elements of the gameplay experience:

Heightened Sense of Scale

Traversing Palworld’s expansive regions like sandy beaches, dense jungles and snowy tundras in VR magnifies the sense of scale and space. Environments feel more grandiose.

Improved Aim and Control

VR motion controls bring your real world hands into the game, allowing for refined aiming and control. Interactions with Pals could feel more tactile and direct.

Multiplayer Connection

If Palworld adds multiplayer, sharing a virtual space with friends could strengthen social bonding and heighten the sense of place in its world.

Deeper World Engagement

By physically looking around Palworld as if transported there, little details in its simulation may stand out more, further pulling you into engagement.

The creative direction and technical execution will determine if VR genuinely pushes Palworld’s world immersion to new levels. But the underlying potential boost is clear.

Optimizing Palworld VR Performance

There are tweaks you can try apply to get smoother VR performance in Palworld:

Update Graphics Drivers

Fresh installing the latest GPU drivers eliminates software conflicts that potentially harm performance. Keeping drivers updated is good general practice too.

Tweak In-Game Settings

Disabling taxing graphics settings like anti-aliasing frees up precious rendering power needed achieve better VR framerates. Some trial and error helps find the best balance of visual quality and speed.

Close Other Programs

Shut down all non-essential apps running in the background. More software competing for PC resources makes VR games prone to stutters. Keep your system as dedicated to just Palworld as possible.

Set Priorities via Task Manager

In Windows, you can tweak process priority levels for applications in Task Manager. Setting vrserver.exe, Palworld and any runtimes to “high priority” attempts to give them preference for PC resources.

Overclock Components

If temperatures allow, moderately overclocking your GPU, CPU and RAM can grant extra power. But overclock gradually and run stability tests to avoid crashes.

Adjust components carefully with VR optimization in mind and Palworld may run quite smoothly given its cartoonish stylization over photorealism.

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Detailed Guide to Using VorpX for Palworld VR

VorpX is one of the most popular VR injection programs that adapts traditional games to work properly with major VR headsets. If Palworld does not add native VR support, VorpX will be the go-to 3rd party option for enabling makeshift VR functionality.

Here is a full guide to using VorpX with Palworld when it releases:

Step 1: Purchase and Install VorpX

First, you need to buy a license for VorpX from their official website at A license costs $39.99 USD.

Download the VorpX installation file and run the installer on your VR gaming PC. Reboot the computer after installation completes.

Step 2: Configure VorpX

When you first launch VorpX, it will ask you to select supported VR hardware. Choose your headset like the Oculus Quest 2 or Valve Index.

Next, calibrate your IPD (interpupillary distance) value according to your headset’s manual specifications. Properly setting IPD ensures images display clear in both eyes.

You also must calibrate floor height by standing while wearing the headset. Crouch down till your virtual body matches your real height.

Step 3: Set Up Palworld Profile

Once Palworld releases, a game profile will need to be added into VorpX’s Game Manager module.

Start by initiating a surface scan of Palworld by launching with the Surface Scanning app before entering the main menu. This maps geometry data.

Use the DirectVR scan option to capture all graphical rendering data like textures. Finally enable hooks into Palworld’s .exe file so VorpX can access necessary pipelines.

Step 4: Configure Graphics and Rendering

Dive into the Configuration Tool module next. Under the Graphics tab, you can enable VR rendering techniques like geometry 3D reconstruction and enhanced image depth.

Enable the latest DirectX and OpenGL drivers here. Tick the “Stereoscopic Rendering” box to activate proper lens separation 3D rebuilt from Palworld’s visual output pipeline via hooks.

Set Field of View to 90+ degrees. Select your headset’s native resolution like Quest 2’s 3664×1920 rather than relying on fixed values. Disable in-game anti-aliasing since VorpX applies its own optimized sampling.

Step 5: Tweak Gameplay Profile

Head to the Gameplay tab next. Set rotation control to 6 degrees for a comfortable snap turning degree in Palworld VR.

Adjust movement speed to match typical walking pace in real life. For Palworld, a moderately slowed setting prevents motion sickness.

You may also want to select smooth artificial locomotion over teleportation under Movement to retain seamless environmental traversal.

Step 6: Launch and Enjoy!

Save your VorpX profile settings for Palworld. You are finally ready to click “Launch Game” and play!

If performance is subpar, try closing other apps and monitoring CPU/GPU usage in task manager to pinpoint bottlenecks.

With refined tweaking, VorpX could deliver an excellent makeshift Palworld VR experience! Tell the VorpX forums community what custom mods and additions help take the immersion to the next level.

VR Gameplay Concept: Palworld Pokemon-Inspired Battles

Pokemon inspired Pal battles in VR could perfectly leverage the portable nature and expansive tracking volume of standalone Quest 2 headsets. Imagine challenging your real life friends to heated Pal-off competitions!

Here is a concept for competitive multiplayer Pal battles in VR:

VR Battle Arenas

Face off 1v1 inside vividly colorful battle arena environments modelled after habitats suited to certain specied of Pals. A lush mountain forest arena for nature Pals, a dusty canyon for ground Pals and an icy tundra surrounded by auroras for ice Pals as examples.

Spectator stands let additional real life players sit and watch battles. Supporters cheer moves and chant Pal names like a real sport.

Pal Training and Bonding

Before battles, intensely train your personal party of 6 Pals. Play physically interactive VR mini-games to boost their strength, speed and skills. Activities range from playing fetch tournaments to evading sneak attack obstacles.

Success in mini-games grows affinity between you and each Pal. Higher bonds give damage and accuracy buffs mid-battle. Pals will leap to your defense when targeted.

Battle Dynamics

Fight battles either purely turn-based for tactical play or enable active dodging and blocking in real-time for physical skill. Set rules for number of Pals, items, match timer, victory conditions etc.

Call moves by actually yelling their names out loud into headset mics. Hear your Pals cry their names in endearing voices as they launch attacks. Outmaneuver your rivals!

Post-Match Rituals

When the dust settles, rush to congratulate your winning Pals with high fives, fist bumps and even hugs using natural feeling upper body tracked controllers.

For extra fun, tantrum if you lose while your smug friends taunt and their overly excited Pals dogpile. Fiercely plot revenge strategies for your rematch!

VR battles could capture the endearing aspects of Pokemon that made it a classic while innovating the real life fantasy of trainers developing deep adventuring bonds with adorable creatures.

Concept for a Rogue Pal Outlaw Faction VR Campaign

Drawing inspiration from Rockstar’s popular VR recreation of LA Noire crime cases, a gritty rogue Pal outlaw storyline played out in VR first person could offer fresh mature perspective to balance Palworld’s cute aesthetic.


A underground rebellion force of illegal gene-edited Pals disillusioned with society operates in the seedy underworld outskirts far from idealistic city life.

Take missions to infiltrate and take down corrupt Pal trafficking rings. Liberate abused Pals from unlawful experimental labs. Eventually confront the truth that both sides of this war are morally grey.

Mature Themes

Explore a darker side of the Palworld rarely seen on surface levels. Themes of exploitation, violence, inequality, revenge and ethical revolutionary ideologies set an impactful tone.

Twisted evil scientists act as menacing antagonists experimenting on Pals illegally to build biological weapons for military powers, contrasting their usual soft depictions. Rogue rebel Pals have understandable sympathies but use vicious guerrilla tactics.

Branching Outcomes

Make heat-of-the-moment decisions on missions. Violently storm a lab extraction under 2 minutes killing all in your path? Or stealth crawl through vents avoiding casualties with non-lethal takedowns to uphold moral high ground.

Choices branch the narrative and ultimately decide if your rogue movement enacts meaningful change through inspiration or creates a violent failed state ruled by fear. Just know the Pal you save from horrific experiments today could become your most trusted partner tomorrow if treated justly.

Immerse yourself in this provocative search for justice from the fringe lens of Palworld lore rarely explored. How far are you willing to go to protect the exploited? And when all seems lost against apathetic powers that be, do rogue extremist rebellions deserve a seat at the table too?


Exploring the eccentric world of Palworld through an advanced VR headset could make for an extremely enjoyable and immersive experience. But official VR support remains unconfirmed as of early 2024.

Using community mods or third party tools might allow playable Palworld VR functionality sooner. We’ll have to wait and see what options actually materialize post-launch. If high quality VR gets added officially or unofficially, get ready to enter the alien universe of Pals more intimately than ever before.


What are the minimum and recommended hardware specs needed for Palworld VR?

The minimum specs would likely require at least an Nvidia GTX 1660 or AMD RX 590 graphics card, Intel i5 processor, and 16GB of RAM. Though for an optimal experience, an RTX 2070 or better GPU, Intel i7 or Ryzen 7 CPU, and 32GB of RAM is recommended.

What VR headsets are compatible or work best?

The Valve Index, Oculus Quest 2, HTC Vive Pro 2, and HP Reverb G2 are most recommended. They offer strong comfort, visuals, tracking and controllers. The Quest 2 is the best value. Compatible Windows MR headsets could also work.

Will you get motion sick playing?

It depends on the intensity of movement and your physiology. Starting out with teleport movement over smooth locomotion can help ease any VR sickness during initial adjustment period. Take frequent short breaks as needed.

What are some good starter tips for playing in VR?

Start in a spacious room with minimal obstacles and gradually adjust to locomotion. Set snap turning increments to small degrees. Ensure lighting accommodates headset tracking cameras. Tweak graphic settings for smoothest framerates possible. Keep hydrated.

What interesting types of Pal interactions could VR enable?

VR could allow directly petting, hugging, hand-feeding Pals with touch gestures. Herding Pals with your actual arms pointing directions. Intimate selfie taking via cameras. Realistic aiming/accuracy for hunting aspects. And fun minigames relying on room scale movement.

Will there be a way to play Palworld in VR on consoles too?

As of early 2024, only experimental methods using VorpX or mods on PC enable janky VR support. However, if official VR integration happens post-launch, the Pocket Pair studio could build console VR versions for PlayStation VR 2 and maybe even Quest 2 standalone given its wireless benefit for a game like Palworld.

What VR-specific settings will be available?

Expect options like adjusting snap turning degrees, playspace guardian boundaries, height calibration, IPD slider, smooth/teleport movement modes, room scale mode for certain interactions, realistic gesture toggles, virtual stock for weapons, UI distance adjustment and more.

How will menus and inventories work in VR?

With no official VR support yet, expect menus to overlay non-VR while inventories could be accessed via large virtual floating boxes you “grab” items from with motion controllers. Ideally, menus would be integrated with virtual wrist tablets and inventory accessed by picking up a virtual backpack.

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