How To Get More Temu Energy? [2024]

How To Get More Temu Energy? Temu is a new ecommerce app that offers great deals on popular products. One of the unique aspects of Temu is its energy system – you earn Temu energy for activities like inviting friends, completing your profile, and more. Temu energy can be used to access special sales and unlock other benefits in the app. If you find yourself running low on Temu energy, here are some tips to get more:

Complete Your Profile

One of the easiest ways to earn extra Temu energy is to complete your Temu profile. When you first sign up for Temu, your profile will be barebones – just your name and email address. Taking a few minutes to add details like your location, birthday, product preferences, etc will score you energy points.

Make your profile robust by adding your full name, date of birth, gender, location, profile photo, and linking your social media accounts. The more detailed your profile, the more Temu energy you’ll receive.

Connect Your Social Networks

Speaking of social media, connecting your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts to your Temu profile is a quick way to get energy. Temu will award you points for linking accounts, as well as give you energy any time you share Temu content on your connected networks.

So be sure to link your accounts in the profile settings. While you’re at it, check to see if Temu is an option when sharing content from Facebook, Twitter, etc. Selecting Temu as the sharing destination will give you energy each time you share.

Invite Friends

Who doesn’t love sharing a great deal with friends and family? Temu rewards you for being social and inviting others to join the app. Tap the “Invite Friends” option to access your contact list and invite your network.

For each successful invite where your friend signs up for Temu, you’ll both receive energy! So be generous and get the word out about Temu to maximize your invite rewards.

Complete Daily Check-In

Temu has a handy daily check-in feature – take a few seconds each day to open the app and tap the check-in prompt. Keeping this daily habit will provide a regular dose of energy.

Make checking in a part of your daily routine. Set a recurring reminder on your phone or add the Temu app icon to your home screen to make it easy to access each day.

Check Energy Rewards

Don’t forget to check the Energy Rewards section! This is where you’ll find energy offers that can be completed for bonus points. Offers may include watching promotional videos, sharing Temu content, referring friends, and more.

Make the Energy Rewards section part of your regular Temu routine to maintain your energy income. New offers are frequently added, so keep an eye out for quick ways to earn.

Participate in Campaigns

Throughout the year, Temu runs various campaigns and contests that provide opportunities to gain extra energy. These may involve special shopping missions, social contests, product reviews, and other interactive activities.

When you see a new Temu campaign kickoff, be sure to opt-in and participate if possible. Completing campaign activities is a fun way to get lots of energy.

Make a Purchase

One of the best ways to get a big energy boost is by shopping on Temu and making a purchase. You’ll receive energy based on the amount spent. So next time you want to stock up on Temu deals, know that your purchase will be rewarded with energy.

The more you spend, the more energy you’ll gain – so don’t be shy about that cart total when you see great prices on your favorite brands. Shopping and saving on Temu gives your energy level a nice lift.

Invite Friends to Group Buy

Temu offers special Group Buy deals that let you invite friends to achieve a discounted group rate. When you create a Group Buy deal or participate in someone else’s, you and your friends all gain energy from the social shopping activity.

Search for available Group Buys or create your own. Then share the deal with friends by text, email, social posts, or other methods. Coordinate to achieve the group size and enjoy the savings – plus energy for all participants.

Participate in Forums

The Temu forums and community pages allow you to engage in discussions, give product reviews and feedback, and connect with other users. Being active in these forums earns you engagement points that convert to energy.

When you have some spare time, dive into the forums and share your tips, product ratings, votes, and questions. Engaging with the community keeps the forums lively while granting energy opportunities.

Watch Livestreams

Temu hosts frequent live shopping livestreams where you can watch product presentations and demos. Simply watching the livestream will generate energy, as can interacting with the hosts via chat and comments.

When you see a Temu livestream coming up, be sure to tune in! Set a reminder if needed so you don’t miss out on the energy earnings opportunity. Watching livestreams is a fun way to learn about new products while earning.

Browse & Discover

Casual daily use of the Temu app generates energy as well – so don’t be afraid to browse and shop! Even just launching the app and poking around earns you a few energy points for your time.

Make Temu part of your daily habits by checking for flash sales, deals, or browsing the product categories that interest you. Temu rewards you for hanging around, so don’t feel rushed when you open the app – take time to explore and earn.

Refer Friends for Group Buy Leader Position

If you want to take your energy earnings up a notch, aim to become a Group Buy Leader. This allows you to host Group Buys rather than just participate. With each successful Group Buy completed, the Leader earns bonus energy.

To become a Leader, you’ll need a certain amount of referred friends first. So get out there and invite friends daily until you hit the threshold – then you can start hosting rewarding Group Buys!

Complete Your First Order Fast

Here’s an easy energy bonus opportunity – place your first order rapidly. Temu challenges you to make your first purchase within the first 2 days of sign up. If successful, you’ll receive an energy jackpot.

Review the deals and find something tempting to buy within 48 hours of downloading Temu. Complete that initial order in time and the energy reward is yours!

Spin the Energy Wheel

Don’t forget to spin Temu’s Prize Wheel every day for a chance to win instant energy (along with coupons and other prizes). The wheel takes just a tap to spin and could land you a handsome energy boost.

Make the Prize Wheel a daily habit – it takes seconds and there’s no limit to how much you can spin. With a little luck, you’ll hit the Energy spot frequently.

Enter Contests and Trivia

Keep an eye out for Temu’s contests and trivia challenges. By participating, you can earn enticing energy prizes. Temu runs contests centered around major shopping holidays, season launches, and more.

Bring your pop culture and trivia knowledge to answer questions correctly. You may also have to complete specific shopping missions or other fun tasks to enter contests. Either way, energy rewards await!

Join Livestreams Early

Here’s a simple trick to get more livestream energy – join the broadcast early! Temu grants energy just for entering the livestream before it officially starts.

Take note of when an upcoming livestream will begin, and then click to join 5-10 minutes beforehand. Earn bonus energy before the livestream even gets rolling.

Cash in Your Coins

Temu awards you virtual coins for your daily activity. Make sure to regularly cash those coins in – one of the potential rewards is extra energy!

Stay on top of your accumulated coins and exchange them for rewards often. With luck, your coin redemption will randomly result in a juicy energy reward.

Share Your Customized Products

When shopping on Temu, you may have the option to customize certain products with added text or images. When you create a customized item, sharing it on social media will deliver energy.

Get creative with customizations like adding text messages, photos, or designs to products. Then post your unique item on social media to show it off and get energy credits.

Follow Temu on Social Media

Don’t forget that following Temu’s official social media channels can provide energy earnings opportunities. Interact and share Temu’s content to get social energy.

Follow @Temu on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. Comment, like, and share posts – you’ll often find callouts for social media actions that reward energy.

Check In at Store Locations

If you visit a physical Temu store, don’t forget to open the app and check in for energy! Temu grants energy rewards for confirming your in-store visits.

Next time you swing by a Temu store, open the app once inside and tap the on-screen check-in prompt. Easy extra energy just for shopping IRL.

Sync Your Fitness Tracker

To encourage healthy living, Temu syncs with fitness trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit. You’ll earn energy for fitness milestones recorded on your synced tracker.

How To Get More Temu Energy


1. How do I earn energy on Temu?

You can earn Temu energy by completing your profile, connecting social media accounts, inviting friends, checking in daily, making purchases, participating in forums, watching livestreams, and more activities.

2. Does buying products on Temu give you energy?

Yes, any purchase you make on Temu rewards you with energy based on the amount spent. The more you spend, the more energy you earn.

3. How often can I spin the Prize Wheel for energy?

You can spin Temu’s Prize Wheel once per day. It takes just a tap and may reward you with energy, coupons, or other prizes.

4. What happens when I invite friends to join Temu?

When you successfully invite friends to join Temu, both you and the friend you invited will receive energy rewards.

5. How do I become a Group Buy Leader?

To become a Group Buy Leader, you need to refer a certain number of friends first. As a Leader you can host Group Buys for bonus energy.

6. Why should I join Temu livestreams early?

Joining a Temu livestream 5-10 minutes before it officially starts will earn you early bird energy points.

7. Can I earn energy by shopping in Temu stores?

Yes, you earn energy by checking in on the app when you visit physical Temu store locations.

8. How do energy prizes work in Temu contests?

Temu contests centered around shopping holidays, new launches, etc often award energy prizes to contest participants.

9. Does posting customized products earn energy?

Yes, when you customize a Temu product and share it on social media, you’ll be rewarded with energy.

10. Can I exchange Temu coins for energy?

Yes, one of the potential rewards when exchanging Temu coin balances is bonus energy.

11. Why link social media accounts?

Linking accounts like Facebook and Twitter allows you to earn energy for social sharing and other synced activities.

12. How does the daily check-in work?

The daily check-in is a prompt in the app to tap for energy. Checking in daily builds the habit and earns consistent energy.

13. What energy can I get for fitness tracking?

By syncing trackers like Apple Watch and Fitbit, you’ll earn energy for recorded fitness milestones.

14. How do energy rewards work?

The Energy Rewards section offers bonus activities like videos and surveys to complete in exchange for energy.

15. Does browsing Temu also earn energy?

Yes, casual browsing earns you a small energy income just for using the app daily.

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