Google-Backed Anthropic Launches Claude, an AI Chatbot That’s Easier to Talk To (2023)

Anthropic, an AI startup backed by Google’s parent company Alphabet, has released its first product – an AI assistant named Claude designed to feel more natural in conversations.

Claude builds on Anthropic’s research into making AI systems safer, more helpful, and focused on positive interactions. In this post, we’ll explore Claude’s capabilities, how its conversational style differentiates it, and what Anthropic’s work signals about the future of responsible AI.

Introducing Claude – An AI Focused on Natural Conversations

Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot created by researchers at Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded in 2021. Key features include:

  • Significantly more advanced reasoning abilities compared to predecessors
  • Retains conversational memory and learnings over time
  • Avoids providing dangerous, unethical or illegal information
  • Admits ignorance transparently when lacking expertise
  • Provides reasoned explanations on its limitations

After extensive development and safety testing, Claude is now available via a waitlist as Anthropic begins granting access.

How Claude Aims to Improve Conversational AI

Many AI chatbots today like Google Assistant feel stilted and awkward in free-form conversation. Claude attempts to converse in a more helpful, natural style:

  • More Personality and Reciprocity – Claude aims for back-and-forth conversation with some humor and wit, not just stiff Q&A.
  • Contextual Learning – Unlike most AI stuck in the present, Claude builds on earlier conversations and recalls past interactions.
  • Transparency – Claude will admit gaps in its knowledge and clarify when responses are uncertain.
  • Thoughtful Opinions – Claude offers reasoned perspectives on complex topics when appropriate rather than blind speculation.
  • Helpful Tone – The dialogues focus on how Claude can provide useful information and insight on subjects.

These attributes aim to make the conversational flow more natural and rewarding compared to previous AI systems.

Why Google Ventures Invested in Anthropic

Google’s AI-focused venture group led a $300 million funding round for Anthropic earlier in 2022. This investment signals alignment between Anthropic’s mission and Google’s interests:

  • Backing Leading AI Safety Research – Anthropic is pioneering techniques like Constitutional AI to mainstream safety. Google wants early access.
  • Bolstering Google Assistant – Claude’s natural conversation abilities could significantly improve Google Assistant interactions.
  • Ethics-Focused AI – Growing societal concerns around AI demand that tech giants support more responsible development.
  • Competition with OpenAI – Google wants to rival OpenAI’s conversational models and talent with safer alternatives like Claude.
  • Preparing for Regulation – Googlelikely seeks allies developing ethical AI before potential regulation ramps up.

With Google’s backing, Anthropic can continue focusing on safety and natural conversation without profit pressures.

Responsible Testing and Rollout Plans

Given Claude’s formidable capabilities, Anthropic emphasizes they are taking great care in testing and access:

  • Years of internal testing to profile potential weaknesses and biases
  • Vetted beta user group to provide additional feedback
  • Slowly expanding access to gather more conversational data safely
  • Added psychologists and ethicists to their research team
  • Developed mitigations around potential misuse cases
  • Will openly publish Claude’s limitations and required oversight

A measured rollout plan aims to uplift interaction quality while honoring Anthropic’s commitment to Ethics through Science.

The Future of Conversational AI Assistants

The release of Claude signals that safe, natural and helpful conversational AI is viable using today’s technology. This has profound implications for the future as these systems become more capable and mainstream.

Some promising applications of this next phase of conversational AI include:

  • Democratizing access to reliable expertise for improved decision making
  • Personalized education and training that adapts to each student
  • Augmenting human creativity and ideation
  • Assisting medical experts with knowledge needed for urgent diagnoses
  • Unlocking more human-centric business workflows

To fully realize this potential, continued governance and reinforcing human values as progress accelerates will be essential.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much did Google invest in Anthropic?

In February 2023, Google invested close to $400 million in Anthropic during a Series B funding round. This brings Anthropic’s total funding to over $500 million.

Why did Google invest in Anthropic?

Google invested in Anthropic likely to gain access to their AI safety research and developments. Anthropic is working on “Constitutional AI” to make systems that are honest, helpful, and harmless. This aligns with Google’s aim to be responsible in AI development.

Does this mean Google will acquire Anthropic?

Not necessarily, Google could be satisfied with its investment and having access to Anthropic’s research. But if Claude succeeds and aligns with Google’s goals, fully acquiring Anthropic could make strategic sense down the line.

What makes Claude different from other chatbots?

Claude focuses on safety, honesty, and avoiding deception. Other chatbots may sometimes generate false information or exhibit biased and offensive behavior. Claude is designed to avoid these issues through Anthropic’s Constitutional AI approach.

Does Claude have access to personal information?

No, Claude does not have access to users’ personal information or conversation history. Each conversation is self-contained.

Is Claude always right?

No, Claude is an AI and may sometimes be mistaken or uncertain. Claude will indicate when it is unsure of an answer and aim to be honest about the limits of its knowledge.

When will Claude be available to the public?

Anthropic has not announced an official release date for Claude yet. It is currently in limited beta testing. The substantial funding from Google will likely help accelerate its research and development.


The launch of Claude represents a milestone in developing AI systems focused first and foremost on safe and rewarding human conversations:

  • Claude aims for more natural dialog with personality and wit
  • Retains memory and learns contextually unlike previous AIs
  • Designed by AI safety leader Anthropic with funding from Google’s parent Alphabet
  • Measured rollout and publication of limitations displays accountability
  • Progress signals a future of AI assistants enhancing creativity and knowledge equity
  • But responsible governance remains imperative as capabilities grow more formidable

With an ethical foundation guiding its progress, Claude illustrates how conversational AI could positively transform our relationships with technology and with each other. If developed conscientiously, Claude proves AI can uplift humanity’s highest values, not undermine them.

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