Best Anthropologie Customer Service [2023]

Anthropologie is a beloved women’s clothing and home décor retail chain known for its bohemian and eclectic style. But beyond their trendy and unique merchandise, Anthropologie has become wildly successful due to their excellent customer service. From knowledgeable sales associates to flexible return policies, Anthropologie makes customer satisfaction a top priority. This focus on the customer experience has allowed Anthropologie to gain a loyal following and thrive in the competitive retail market.

Friendly and Helpful Sales Associates

One of the most apparent aspects of Anthropologie’s great customer service is their friendly and enthusiastic sales associates. From the moment you walk into an Anthropologie store, you’re greeted by smiling employees eager to help you find anything you need. The sales associates are experts when it comes to the wide array of products Anthropologie carries. So whether you need help locating a specific clothing item in your size, assistance putting together an outfit, or advice on which home décor items match your style, Anthropologie’s sales team is there to provide thoughtful and personalized recommendations.

The sales associates also have a knack for making you feel important. They’re focused on catering to each customer’s unique taste and really take the time to get to know your preferences. You’ll never feel rushed or pressured to buy more than you’d like. Anthropologie wants you to feel good about your purchases and will help you style items in a way that suits your individuality. This thoughtful approach makes the shopping experience enjoyable and welcoming. You leave feeling like you just got style advice from a trusted friend.

Flexible Return Policy

Even with the most helpful sales associates, sometimes a purchase just doesn’t work out as expected. That’s why Anthropologie offers a flexible and convenient return policy. They allow returns and exchanges on all full-price and sale merchandise within 30 days of purchase. If you have the original receipt, you’ll get a full refund by returning the merchandise to any Anthropologie store. Anthropologie also offers free shipping on any returns sent by mail.

For unworn merchandise, Anthropologie will issue the refund in your original form of payment. Even for worn items, they will still offer store credit. This takes the hassle and worry out of purchasing clothes, shoes, accessories and home goods from Anthropologie, knowing that returns and exchanges are simple if needed. Their lenient policy gives customers confidence in trying new items and makes the Anthropologie shopping experience stand out from other retailers.

Responsive Online Customer Service

In addition to their brick-and-mortar locations, Anthropologie also runs several online stores that reach national and global audiences. To match their impressive in-person service, they also provide stellar customer support online. Anthropologie offers customer service by email where inquiries are answered promptly and thoroughly.

For immediate assistance, they also have an online chat feature. Customers can get real-time help from a customer service agent on any topic from order status and returns to specific product questions. Negative reviews about Anthropologie’s online customer service are few and far between. Most customers are impressed by their quick response times and in-depth knowledge of the product inventory. Anthropologie’s stellar service doesn’t end when you walk out of the physical store. They tailor the online shopping experience to be just as personalized and satisfying.

Consistent Brand Messaging on Social Media

Anthropologie has done an excellent job at expanding their brand presence across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Their social accounts showcase their products in beautiful lifestyle settings and engage followers with compelling content. But social media can also be a part of a brand’s customer service strategy. Anthropologie interacts with their followers and quickly responds to questions and feedback shared on their accounts.

They also monitor comments and reviews closely on their social posts. This allows them to proactively address any customer service issues before they grow or get out of hand. Having open lines of communication and providing service across social channels demonstrates that the customer experience doesn’t stop once they’ve completed a purchase. Anthropologie’s attentive social media presence further differentiates them from other retailers in the minds of customers.

Consistent In-Store Experiences Across All Locations

Anthropologie operates over 200 retail locations across the United States, Canada and Europe. Even with this large footprint, they work hard to maintain a consistent customer experience across all stores. From the décor elements to the product assortment to the friendly service, Anthropologie wants their signature style and hospitality to be evident in every single location. This allows loyal Anthropologie fans to feel right at home and have the same enjoyable shopping experience no matter which store they visit.

The company invests significant time and resources into training sales associates on their brand vision and customer service best practices. All new hires even attend an intensive five-day orientation at their home office in Philadelphia to thoroughly educate them on the Anthropologie shopping experience. By replicating this experience chainwide, Anthropologie is able to better retain customers no matter where they shop. Their customers know what to expect from the brand and can rely on that elevated service.

Emphasis on Community Engagement and Philanthropy

In addition to providing excellent customer service, Anthropologie also aims to have a positive impact on communities. They partner with local vendors and artisans to sell one-of-a-kind products in their stores. This supports small businesses and entrepreneurs. Anthropologie also has an active philanthropic program where they partner with charitable organizations worldwide.

For example, they work with the One Acre Fund to help female artisans in Kenya, Ghana and Burundi improve their businesses. The unique crafts made by these artisans are then sold at Anthropologie locations. Anthropologie stores also host donation drives for various causes and nonprofit partners. By giving back and supporting communities beyond their own customers, Anthropologie builds goodwill and shows an admirable corporate responsibility. Their community-minded philosophy earns the respect of customers who want to see the brands they support making a difference.

Key Takeaways on Anthropologie’s Customer Service

  • Friendly and enthusiastic sales associates provide personalized service and styling advice
  • Flexible return policies allow easy exchanges or refunds on merchandise
  • Responsive online customer service options like chat and email resolve issues quickly
  • Active social media presence and interactions improve customer experience
  • Extensive training and orientation ensures consistent service across all retail locations
  • Community engagement and philanthropic initiatives build brand affinity and goodwill

The focus on customer satisfaction has been a core pillar of the Anthropologie brand since its inception in 1992. As they’ve grown into a global retail presence, Anthropologie has impressively scaled that same attentive service across all channels. Customers are drawn to their unique merchandise, but become loyal brand advocates thanks to the delightful shopping and service experience. Anthropologie’s commitment to thinking outside the box when it comes to serving customers has allowed the brand to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Their excellent customer service will continue to be a key driver of their success for years to come.


  1. What is Anthropologie’s return policy?

Anthropologie offers free returns and exchanges on all merchandise within 30 days of purchase when you have the original receipt. You can return items to any store location or by mail.

  1. How do I reach Anthropologie customer service for an online order issue?

You can contact online customer service by email form on their website or use the live chat feature during business hours for real-time assistance.

  1. Does Anthropologie offer price adjustments?

Yes, if an item you purchased goes on sale within 14 days, Anthropologie will issue a one-time price adjustment for the difference when you provide the original receipt.

  1. Can I make a return without a receipt?

Anthropologie will still accept returns without a receipt, but issues store credit rather than a refund to the original payment method.

  1. How do I track an online order with Anthropologie?

You can check your order status by logging into your account online or contacting customer service for assistance. Shipping and tracking information will be provided once your order ships.

  1. Does Anthropologie have a loyalty rewards program?

Yes, the AnthroPerks loyalty program offers members rewards like free shipping, birthday discounts, early access to sales, and free gifts during your birthday month.

  1. How do I become an AnthroPerks member?

AnthroPerks is free to join online or in stores. You earn 1 point for every $1 spent and receive rewards when you reach certain point thresholds.

  1. Does Anthropologie offer discount codes or coupons?

Anthropologie occasionally offers targeted promo codes and extra discounts for AnthroPerks members to use online or provide in stores. Discounts cannot be combined with other promotional offers.

  1. Can I return sale merchandise to Anthropologie?

Yes, all sales items are eligible for returns and exchanges within 30 days of purchase, though any discounts will be deducted from refunds.

  1. How late is Anthropologie customer service available by phone or chat?

Their online chat and call center are open from 8am to 10pm ET Monday through Friday and 9am to 8pm ET on weekends.

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