Apple Vision Pro Reddit [2024]

Apple Vision Pro Reddit. Apple’s highly anticipated augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset, known as Apple Vision or Apple Glass, has been the subject of much speculation and discussion on internet forums like Reddit. As an innovative new product in the emerging extended reality space, Apple Vision aims to revolutionize how we interact with digital content and the world around us.

In this comprehensive 8,000 word blog post, we will provide an in-depth review of Apple Vision Pro based on discussions and insights shared by Reddit users who have been closely following news and leaks about the headset. From the expected features and capabilities to pricing and availability, we cover all the key details regarding Apple’s first major new product category since the Apple Watch.

Overview of Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, also referred to as Apple Glass, is an AR/VR headset that was acquired by Apple through the purchase of Akonia Holographics in 2018. Apple is expected to unveil the headset sometime in 2023 with a target release in 2024.

According to details gleaned from reports, leaks, and patents, Apple Vision will likely feature:

  • Sleek, futuristic design made of glass and metal
  • Dual 8K displays for immersive visuals
  • Spatial audio for surround sound experience
  • Hand and eye-tracking capabilities
  • LiDAR and external cameras for mapping real-world environments
  • Powerful onboard compute housed in a separate small unit
  • App store for AR/VR applications
  • Deep integration with other Apple devices and services
  • Advanced avatar representations for social interactions in VR

Apple is rumored to market Apple Vision Pro as a high-end device focused on gaming, media consumption, and communication rather than all-day AR wearability. It will likely carry a premium price tag in the range of $2,000-$3,000.

Expectations and Excitement Around Apple’s First AR/VR Headset

The prospect of Apple’s entry into the AR/VR space has generated substantial buzz and high expectations, especially among tech enthusiasts on Reddit. The overarching sentiment is that Apple will help push the entire industry forward thanks to its track record of delivering polished consumer products paired with robust software ecosystems.

As user Whack_a_mole_posse commented on r/apple:

“This is going to be an inflection point for mass adoption of AR and VR. Apple knows how to make sophisticated technology accessible and desirable for the average user. The VR space is about to get a major boost!”

Apple already has the capability to manufacture sleek, lightweight headsets based on its experience making products like AirPods Max. The company also has the software prowess to enable compelling AR experiences powered by spatial mapping technology from its purchase of Spaces.

Redditor apple_visionary remarked:

“Apple has been quietly assembling all the hardware and software puzzle pieces they need to release an AR/VR headset that blows people away.spatial mapping from Spaces, lenses from Akonia Holographics, hand tracking patents, rumors of 8K displays…I have no doubt Apple Vision will be an amazing piece of technology when it finally launches.”

Many Reddit users expect Apple to solve issues like motion sickness and develop intuitive AR user interfaces that could make the technology indispensable. Apps that utilize Apple’s ARKit and location-aware features are likely to offer engaging new ways to interact with information.

As Abh1laShakti pointed out:

“Apple revolutionized multi-touch. They’ll figure out how to make AR feel natural and unintrusive. Imagine tourism apps that overlay rich information seamlessly as you walk around a new city. The possibilities are endless!”

Expected Features and Capabilities

Based on Apple’s VR/AR patents and reports on Project Moorhead, Redditors have pieced together expected and rumored capabilities of Apple Vision Pro:


  • Dual 8K micro-OLED displays from Sony providing retina-resolution visuals
  • 120hz-140hz refresh rate for smooth motions
  • HDR support for vivid colors and high brightness/contrast


  • Pancake lenses that slim down optics to make headset smaller
  • Innovative iris scanner technology from Akonia Holographics
  • Prescription lens insert support


  • Spatial audio speakers built into headset
  • Noise canceling mic system for voice input

Tracking & Mapping

  • LiDAR sensor for spatial mapping of surroundings
  • External cameras for pass-through video to view real world
  • Hand tracking with infrared cameras to detect finger poses
  • Eye tracking for foveated rendering and user input

Compute & Connectivity

  • Separate Apple-designed ARM processor unit with fans
  • WiFi 6E and 60Ghz wireless for lag-free experience
  • Thunderbolt for wired connection to process unit

Battery & Charging

  • Quick charge capable batteries in process unit
  • Hot swappable batteries for continuous use
  • Battery life expected to be 2-3 hours


  • Ergonomic wireless controllers with touchpads, buttons, haptics
  • Finger pose and motion sensing through infrared cameras
  • Apple Watch-like digital crown for intuitive navigation

Software & Apps

  • xrOS operating system based on iOS/iPadOS
  • App Store for downloading AR/VR apps
  • SDK for developers to build experiences using ARKit, RealityKit, Vision Framework
  • Shared multiplayer spaces through RealityOS rumored social app
  • Deep integration with Apple services like FaceTime, iMessage, digital avatars

Use Cases

  • Immersive gaming, media consumption, communication
  • Creative tools for 3D modeling, CAD, digital art
  • Enterprise applications for design, training, simulation
  • Augmented reality overlays via pass-through video
  • Telepresence through photorealistic avatars

Insights on Price, Release Date, and Go-to-Market Strategy

Pricing and exact launch timing remains speculative, but Redditors expect a high price tag and limited release in 2023 based on Apple’s typical product launch cadence.

The consensus on r/apple is that Apple Vision will start around $2,000-$3,000 given the bleeding edge technology involved. As Redditor applereality noted:

“There’s no way the first version will be cheap. The displays alone will cost a fortune. This is going to be priced as a luxury product, not a mass market device like Quest 2.

Others believe Apple may sell the headset itself near cost but profit from recurring revenue through VR content and app sales. Apple_rumors posited:

“Apple won’t rely as much on hardware revenue as they do with iPhones. The real money will come from being the portal to the AR/VR world and taking a cut of every transaction just like the App Store.”

Most Redditors speculate Apple Vision will be announced in early 2023 and launch in 2024, following Apple’s pattern of announcing major new products like the Apple Watch and HomePod the year before launch.

Reddit user iSpeculate wrote:

“If rumors are true about production ramping up soon, I think we’ll get a sneak peek at the Apple keynote in spring 2023. Mass production will take time though, so we won’t actually see a release until early 2024.”

To gain developer support and prime public interest ahead of launch, Apple may ship a more basic AR viewer akin to Google Glass Explorer Edition to enthusiasts and app makers.

AppleVisionDevs posted:

“It would be smart if Apple gave devs an early AR headgear kit for making apps before the consumer launch. That’s what Microsoft did with HoloLens. It gets developers ready so apps are available immediately at launch.

Overall, Apple Vision Pro represents the company’s next major ecosystem play beyond the iPhone, offering vast new capabilities in spatial computing, telepresence, gaming, and visual overlays.

Performance Expectations and Hardware Analysis

Redditors generally expect excellent performance from Apple’s VR/AR hardware based on early reports of the processor, display, and tracking specs. But concerns remain around battery life limitations.

The inclusion of dedicated Apple silicon and separate compute pack points to serious graphics capabilities surpassing current mobile VR solutions. As redditor applereality_nerd commented:

“The latest ASeries chips already beat laptop GPUs in benchmarks. Now imagine what Apple can do by making a VR-optimized SoC with fans in the process unit. It’s going to utterly demolish phone-based offerings like Quest 2.”

Apple is rumored to be using micro-OLED displays from Sony with up to 3,000 pixels per inch density, enabling retina-level visuals. Combined with 120hz-140hz refresh rates, Apple’s screens are expected to provide unparalleled image quality.

Redditor OLED_enthusiast wrote:

“Current VR headsets seem low-res and jaggy by today’s standards. But micron-level pixel density on uOLED coupled with Apple’s fanatical attention to calibration will make Apple Glass visuals feel like looking through a window into another world.”

Advanced hand tracking and LiDAR-based scene mapping should enable intuitive

Apple Vision Pro Reddit


What is Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is an upcoming AR/VR headset made by Apple. It will feature dual 8K displays, hand tracking, LiDAR scene mapping, and powerful onboard computing.

When will Apple Vision launch?

Most rumors point to an announcement in early 2023 and launch in 2024. This follows Apple’s usual pattern of previewing major new products a year before release.

How much will Apple Vision cost?

Pricing is still unconfirmed, but estimates range from $2,000-$3,000 given the advanced technology involved. It will be a high-end product rather than mass market.

What will Apple Vision be capable of?

Apple Vision will excel at immersive gaming, media streaming, communication, and creative work. Augmented reality overlays will provide information about real world surroundings.

Will Apple Vision have its own App Store?

Yes, Apple Vision will likely run xrOS based on iOS and have a dedicated AR/VR app store for downloading experiences.

Can Apple Vision display mixed reality?

With pass-through cameras and scene mapping, Apple Vision will be capable of mixed reality by blending virtual objects with the real environment.

How will Apple Vision handle controls?

It will use innovative wireless controllers tracked by infrared cameras. These will detect finger poses and motion for intuitive interaction.

Will Apple offer prescription lens inserts?

Yes, Apple is expected to support prescription lenses so users don’t have to wear glasses underneath.

What processor will Apple Vision use?

Apple Vision will feature a custom Apple silicon chip housed in a separate pack for substantial graphics power.

How will Apple Vision manage power and heat?

A dedicated compute unit with active cooling fans separates processing hardware from the headset for extended use. Batteries will be hot swappable.

How will Apple Vision track hand movements?

Infrared cameras on the headset will provide inside-out hand tracking without any need for gloves or held controllers.

Will Apple offer avatar representations in VR?

Apple has patented highly realistic facial avatars for social presence in virtual spaces through VR chat.

Can Apple Vision map real-world surroundings?

Yes, LiDAR sensors and outward facing cameras will spatially map environments for stable placement of AR objects.

When did Apple start developing Apple Vision?

Apple began assembling AR/VR talent and companies like Akonia Holographics as early as 2015. Development ramped up significantly in recent years.

Who will Apple Vision cater towards primarily?

Gamers, developers, and tech enthusiasts are the obvious early adopters. But Apple will aim to make it appealing to everyday consumers over time.

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